So, you have chosen UDF architecture. How to model the state?

RU / Day 2 / 17:15 / Track 4  /

The declarative UI is gaining momentum every day. Android, iOS, Flutter, and React Native developers are actively switching to MVI/Redux/THE / Black, etc. But for all its advantages, UDF requires us to solve new problems. One of them is modeling the state of your application. And it has solutions!

In this talk, we will first learn about Algebraic Data Types and why they will be more useful to us for state modeling than OOP. Then we will move on to more complex things – we will learn how to think about state objects as a miniature database. All these tricks will be provided with practical examples and clumsy comics of the speaker.

The report will be of interest to mid-level and higher developers who are looking for a new look at the frequent problems with the state in UDF architectures.

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