Round table. Cleaning Flutter from "vanilla". How we searched for and found the architectural Grail

RU / Day 4 / 17:15 / Track 2  /

Yaroslav and Artem will tell how two different development teams who started studying Flutter, by solving different architectural tasks finally came to a nearly similar solution.

The goal of the talk is to present the own variant of implementing an architecture for Flutter applications with the solutions of some conceptual issues related to navigation between screens and DI. Also, it will be told what was wrong with existing solutions, why in the end it was done exactly this way, and what's the point in doing this.

The target audience of this talk is the Flutter developers who are not satisfied with the "vanilla" architecture described in the documentation and who think about how to structure the app's architecture and make it cleaner.

It is suggested that the audience will learn how to implement clean and flexible architecture without any 3rd-party library, clearly separate navigation and UI events from layout code, and integrate Dependency Injection into this architecture.

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