Mobius 2020 Piter goes online-only

New dates: June 22 to June 25 The whole world is quarantined now, so the only way for us to move on is to go entirely online. Let us explain what remains the same for the conference and what is going to change.

What is left as it was

  • The program and the speakers. We still have dozens of talks delivered by the experts from all over the world.
  • Several tracks held in parallel.
  • Quizzes and contests from our partners.
  • Check-in lines (nonetheless, we do expect that developers will finally remove a distributed lock from our authorization service on Hazelcast).
  • Our team:
    • We've been organizing conferences for years and we have gained huge experience in live streaming.
    • Still, an entirely online conference is quite different from a regular offline conference streamed live (editor's note: things really get confused in here, so don't get caught up).
    • Therefore, we’re currently going the extra mile here to prepare the event. It’s all hands to the pump.

What is going to change

  • Mountain and Muhammad. It's not you heading to the conference this time, it’s the conference that is coming to you.
  • Schedule. Hours of staring at the screen are just unbearable, so the program will be divided into several blocks lasting 4 to 5 hours. As a result, the conference will last 4 days.
  • Format of presentations
    • Some talks will be held in a classical way.
    • Others will be more conversational, just like a podcast or a talk show (Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Winfrey ain’t got nothing on us).
  • Networking
    • There is no substitute to interaction with your colleagues and former classmates. We crave for it, too.
    • To be honest, it was the networking that made it extremely hard to transfer our events online.
    • Still, we're doing our best to create something more sophisticated than Telegram chats and Zoom rooms.
  • Processes
    • We had to start from scratch to run a new format, which means we are now buying new equipment, hiring the contractors and retraining our staff, speakers, and partners.
  • Price
    • Online conference is two times cheaper than its offline version.
    • A personal ticket will cost 150 EUR until the end of April, while a corporate one will be 300 EUR.
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