How to start writing autotests without losing one's mind

RU / Day 2 / 16:00 / Track 1

"Lizzie, what's your Daddy's name?" — "My Daddy writes autotests", — Lizzie answers. Meet Lizzie, Eugene Matsyuk's daughter. His comrade-in-arms Dmitry Movchan has, in fact, decided to hold off on having kids for a while. Folks, that's all you need to know about autotests if you decided to get involved in this matter.

The year before, after Mobius and podcasts, we realized that the coomon tendency in the test automation area — relying on Appium and separate automation department — isn't quite right. So we started moving towards Espresso and "everybody writes tests". And it seemed easy enough: just write your tests and don't worry. But then all kinds of problems appear: from little things and details like "how to switch off internet on my device" and "how to process tests getting flaky because of Espresso" to vital questions: how does one write tests and which tests, actually? It gets even more complex as autotests just begin to come into our lives (and they will definitely become a part of everybody's life, trust us, mwahaha), so common practices are basically nonexistent.

In this talk, we'll try to give you the very base that allows you to just start writing autotests. There will be all kinds of best practices in one. It will be worth your while.