50 hours in an hour: Scaling autotests in iOS

RU / Day 1 / 14:00 / Track 3

In this session, Vladislav will tell how they at Avito managed to launch lots of UI tests and get results 50 times faster: they run 50 hours worth of UI tests in one hour. Vladislav will cover main challenges in writing and launching UI tests, scaling on one computer and on assembly machines farm. He will touch upon test stability, infrastructure instability, ways of solving the appearing problems.

Vladislav will tell about their own utility that can launch parallel UI tests on several Macs. He will show that you can quickly and easily set up your own iOS simulators and devices farm, and supporting it wouldn't cause you much trouble. He will also show how to optimize use of limited resources of a computer.

This talk contains technical details as well as tips on how to improve processes inside of a team, so it could be useful for junior, middle and senior developers, testers, and team leads.