640K ought to be enough for anyone

RU / Day 1 / 17:30 / Track 1

"When we set the upper limit of PC-DOS at 640K, we thought nobody would ever need that much memory". — William Gates, chairman of Microsoft.

We are living in a world where the RAM becomes cheaper every day. Having PC/Mac with 16GB RAM is not a big deal anymore.

But what about mobile world? Phone manufacturers bomb us with amazing specs: a flagship device with 4GB RAM, 8GB, now there are even devices with 16GB. While on desktop it really makes a difference — is it the same with a smartphone? If I have 8GB RAM, why my app still crashes with out of memory?

In this talk, you will learn how memory management works on Android, learn what is SWAP, GC, Native Allocations and other fancy words. But most important — you will learn how to build a junk free/out of memory application.