Automated testing of mobile apps in the cloud

RU / Day 2 / 10:30 / Track 1

In this talk, we'll discuss organizing automated testing of mobile apps with the use of cloud technologies.

We'll cover the following questions:

  1. How to choose a target platform for mobile apps testing, drawing on analytics and marketing research.
  2. How to test a mobile app without buying 100-150 target devices, using only Google Cloud or AWS Device Farm cloud services.
  3. How to organize testing when there are no QA Engineers on team, only developers.
  4. How to see that automated QA process actually yields some results.
  5. How to integrate automated tests of mobile apps into existing CI/CD development pipeline.
  6. How to significantly decrease the demo effect, when on software engineer's device everything works, but on client's device nothing works.
  7. How automated testing can improve results for your business.