Tools for protecting your users' data

EN / Day 2 / 14:00 / Track 2

2018 was the year your average user started to care about data protection. Mainstream media had no shortage of content with new stories about election tampering, GDRP, and data breaches which affected hundreds of millions of users breaking every few weeks. Attacks on our apps will continue to become more frequent and sophisticated; in this session we will present the tools you need to counter them.

This talk will focus on security features available from Google Play Services and Google's SafetyNet APIs. We will see how they allow developers to verify the trustworthiness of the devices their apps run on, as well as examples of how to implement them to improve your app's security.

Next, we will share first hand experience of hardening an Android app that handles medical and health records. We will see where patient data had the potential to be leaked to third parties and the measures taken to avoid this.

In this current climate of heightened user awareness we have a responsibility to protect the users of our products, and after this session you will be better able to do just that.