Profiling via examples: looking for a bottleneck

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It is very likely that your app works well on the last Pixel. The situation is probably the same on the first one. How can we know it works fine on other devices? What should we do in case we find a problem? How not to fall into the same pit again?

This talk is a technical case. We won't go deep into optimizations' details, but will look at the things we can start with.

We have an app that works. We feel that it works not fast enough. First of all, we’ll see if our intuition is right, using precise instruments instead of judging subjectively. Then we’ll “dissect” our app using a couple of tools one by one, making optimizations on-the-way. The time is limited, so we'll focus on tools: GPU profiler, Hierarchy Viewer, displaying Overdraw. Finally, we’ll look at a couple of tools that let us track the way an app works from one building to another.

Of course, there is no silver bullet to solve every problem. However, to make things work better, you need to find a problem and isolate it. The understanding of “where we are now” is an integral part of successful progress.

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