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About the conference

Mobius is a conference for mobile apps developers, which takes place in Moscow and St. Petersburg, gathering more than 600 participants each time: these are Middle and Senior developers, Team Leads, PMs and architects.

Mobius program contains engineering talks for Android and iOS developers covering the following topics:

  • Technologies (Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, JS Native);
  • Tools (mobile DevOps, containers, GPU calculations, etc);
  • Frameworks (Data binding, RxJava, Firebase, Realm, etc);
  • Architectures (MVP, MVVM, VIPER and others).

We never accept "sponsorship" talks so you won't find any "marketing" or "sales" talks.

Besides, our high-quality online broadcast provides those who can't arrive at the conference in person with an opportunity to ask speakers any questions.

Discussion zone

Discussion zone

Special areas to chat with speakers during the coffee breaks. No censorship, no panic, no time limit.

BOF sessions


Discussions with no leaders or speakers. The very secret place where the new ideas are born to define the future.